A few positive words from our supportive community

Christina Prescott

" I adopted Ricky the long-term resident cat on July 14th, and the staff were absolutely fantastic. I had quite a bit of hesitation in adding a cat to my household, as I am the owner of two wonderful greyhounds as well, but they allowed me as much time as I needed to pick the right cat (who happened to be the one I went for in the first place) for my situation as well as walk me through each choice. I felt very supported throughout the entire adoption, and now having Ricky home, I am incredibly thankful. He is one of the most loving cats I have ever met. The dogs are doing wonderfully with him, and he really is a perfect fit for my little family! Highly recommend this shelter, and thank you so much to all of the staff who work there! "

Brittany Wheeler

" The staff and facility are both fantastic. Clean, friendly, compassionate. I adopted my cat here nearly 3 years ago and have never had a better companion. They had him up to date on his shots, along with flea and de-worming meds when I adopted him. Their adoption fees are totally reasonable. The staff do their best to inform the public of an animal's needs before they are adopted, trying to find the best fit for both human and furry mammal. If you're think about adding a pet to your family, stop by this shelter. "

Joyce Brooker

" My daughter and I adopted our dog here on Aug. 24. The staff was very friendly and supportive of us bringing our cat in for a meet and greet. The facility was very clean and all of my questions were answered honestly. Baxter (now known as Dexter), is doing so well and we just love him to pieces.I'm so happy with my experience here. When the time comes for me to adopt another fur baby, I will be coming back to Franklin County Animal Shelter. Hopefully, that won't be for a long time though. As I'd love for my babies to live forever! "

Tara Harrington

" The animals are obviously beyond adorable. The employees are wonderful and so friendly and knowledgeable! The facility is well kept inside and out! "

Lillian Bradeen

" I visited today with my mom. She was looking to adopt a dog after her boxer has passed away. The facility is so clean, and the staff is so friendly and accommodating. She ended up adopting Baxter, a lovable boxer mix. Thanks for an awesome experience. "

Kevin LaPointe

" I've lived in Farmington for the past 15 years, and have adopted many wonderful animals here! The staff is caring, and truly care about what they do. I recommend folks living closer to another shelter to drive here! "